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Circular Linked List

write a c program that uses functions to perform the following operations on a circular linked list. A Circular Linked List is a type of data structure used in computer science and programming. It is...

Learn Data Types in C programming in simple method

Data Types Data types are used to define the type of data in the programs. Each language has its set of data types with which it stores different types of data variables. Data types are very important...

Java Programming

Object-oriented thinking- Need for OOP paradigm Summary of OOP concepts Coping with complexity Abstraction mechanisms A way of viewing the world – Agents, responsibility, messages Methods Java Basics...

Data Structures

Data structures are ways of organizing and storing data in a computer’s memory so that it can be accessed and used efficiently. It represents data in a logical and organized manner, which is...


C programming Introduction C programming was introduced in the year of  1972. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Laboratory. It became popular in programming because it is fundamental...

Hello world!

WELCOME to the programming world. C program to display “Hello World ! “ #inlcude<stdio.h> void main() { printf(“Hello World! “); } Output:  Hello World !       Java...
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